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Tenants' Union ACT is funded by the ACT Justice & Community Safety Directorate. ITD events are made possible thanks to funding from Housing ACT, a division of the ACT Community Services Directorate.  ITDCBR Coordinating Committee - Tenants' Union ACT, ACT Shelter, Housing ACT, Streetlaw, Better Renting (a project of Canberra Community Law)

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The Tenants' Union ACT


The Tenants’ Union ACT is an independent community legal centre initially formed by a group of tenants who came together to promote the rights and interests of people renting their homes in the ACT. Although we are called the Tenants' Union, we help all renters, which means both tenants and occupants. TU members include private, public and community housing tenants, as well as boarders and lodgers, people living in student accommodation, caravan parks and emergency accommodation, and others interested in supporting the work of the TU.

Many of the problems renters face can be too big for one individual to tackle alone. Renters need a group that will talk to government, media, landlord groups and real estate agents on our behalf. We need a group that can express our views and concerns.


The Tenants' Union is committed to addressing the inequities that exist between renters and property investors.  To tenants and occupants, our houses are our homes, but to the owner they are simply an investment.  With your support the Tenants' Union can provide a stronger voice for tenants and occupants.  Our success depends on the continued support and resourcing of members.