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Slamboree: International Tenants' Day

- feat. PJ Johnson

When: Friday 27 October, 7:30pm

Where: The Front Cafe & Gallery



The good folk at Slamboree Canberra are hosting our final ITD event for 2017! Come along for a poetry slam on the theme of 'People, Pets, Place', with a dash of Halloween spookiness thrown in for good measure...


Wear a crown of hickory and carry salt in your pocket because Canberra Slamboree October knows where you live.

Is your rental house HAUNTED? Canberra Slamboree is celebrating International Tenants' Day. Each year International Tenants' Day celebrates the rights of tenants and highlights issues around tenancy. The theme for ITD is 'People, Pets, Place'. Slamboree loves themes. Slamboree also loves those who ignore themes. 

Are your ears HAUNTED? Professional guitar exorcist and practitioner of 'nite music' PJ Johnson will be our musical feature act www.facebook.com/p.j.johnson.aus/

If you're a budding poet, or have something to say about the tenants rights in rhyming couplets or free-style slamming, get involved!